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The most diverse Internet services in the field of increasing site traffic, Google input and video traffic, site design and SEO. The HeaterLink team started collecting resources in 2009 to increase traffic. These resources consist of a variety of popular phone software and high-traffic and popular websites on any topic and brand globally. All of these resources are committed to promoting advertising with us under a Memorandum of Understanding with the HeaterLink Group in all countries of the world. During the last 11 years, all our partners have been selected by hand from among the most committed, so that our newest partner must be more than two years old from the date of his memorandum to be able to start his activity as an advertising partner by receiving the Golden Grade. This history and resume and commitment to customers has led to the number of our partners worldwide exceeding 20 million partners, and as of this writing, the Heaterlink Group is collaborating with more than 20 million sites and programs. The result of all this time and money is now borne, and the HeaterLink Group can now provide you with the following services with the highest quality and a completely exceptional price.

Increase direct site traffic

A good way to increase site traffic and reduce Alexa rank. Increasing site visits is a useful service by site Heaterlinks, by which you can specify the number of IPs, duration of visits, number of visits to each IP and various other parts and features, to visit your website in a real way and Increase your site's Alexa rank tremendously. Increasing website traffic is one of the most important goals of any webmaster. Because by increasing the website traffic, we can promote the services or goals for which we have created our website and improve our internet business. Submit your site or page and specify how many visitors you need per day for this page and from which country and all around the world. Now run your monitoring software on the site and enjoy your contacts. The time of the visitor's presence on the site is determined by you and you can ask the visitors to visit several other links during the time they are on your site in order to make your site look more natural. Referral time of users and contacts to your site is distributed based on completely intelligent algorithms compatible with your brand, which is always being learned by a very powerful artificial intelligence core, and based on feedback, the most appropriate times to distribute visitors to your site. This method has a very direct impact on the rank of your site in Alexa.

Increase Google Input

Increase your Google site traffic with your favorite keyword. All the various features that are available in the section of increasing site traffic are also available in the section of increasing Google traffic, and you can get real users from Google or other search engines by specifying your desired keyword and place yourself in search of higher users. This action also reduces the Alexa rank of your site. One of the most important factors in SEO and optimizing and improving the site ranking in Google, site entry through Google and other search engines. From Google's point of view, when this happens, it means that the content of your site has been more useful to users than other searched sites. So, surely Google will record this entry as a point for your site


1- The desired page or link 2- Duration of presence on the site 3- Keywords 4- Number of requested contacts per day 5-Possibility of sublink 6- Selective search engine 7- Country of interest 8- Distribution time algorithm (VIP-ECO( Introduce your site link and say which search engine you are requesting audience input from. Your interested contacts will type your keyword in the search engine of your choice and then come to your site. The time specified by you will remain on the introduced site or page and if you wish, click one or more other pages from your site. They say that their behavior is humane. This type of visit will help you get the first link in the search engine. In this way, the country and time of distribution of referrals to your site can be adjusted both manually and as an artificial intelligence algorithm to have the highest feedback based on the brand of your choice.

Ads on Google

Advertise on Google with Google AdWords service. Ads on Google or Google Adwords is a feature that Google has provided to webmasters to place ads on the first page of Google for a fee per click. With the help of Google ads, more customers are attracted to your site and increase Google site traffic. Google advertising is a new method in Internet advertising and is much more efficient than other methods and has a much faster rate of return. In Google advertising method, you do not need to pay exorbitant costs and you can start your work by selecting low-cost packages and see the result in a short time. Advertising in Google is one of the oldest and most effective advertising methods in Internet. Advertising in Google makes you see your site in the first ranks of Google for free without spending SEO and site optimization, and only pay for clicks on your site.

Increase the number of likes

Increase your popularity on any favorite site. Increasing the number of likes is another unique service from Heaterlink that helps you increase the number of visits as well as the number of likes of your web page or product in any desired site. Of course, if doing a like on that site does not require the user to register and log in. For example, ordering a like for a song on a music sharing site, makes that song enter the most popular of the mentioned site and receive unique feedback from users.

Increase video views

Increase your video views on YouTube, etc. With the help of this wonderful service, which is provided exclusively by Heaterlink, you can increase your video views on sites such as YouTube , Instagram, etc., and place it among the most visited sites of your choice. This way, you can easily upload your desired video on video sharing sites and register an order to increase your video traffic indefinitely. These views apply up to 30,000 daily and increase your video stats in a completely realistic way.

Decreased Alex rank

Alexa Rank Improvement Submit your site to Heatrlink as a guarantee. Alexa, which is an extremely professional and powerful statistician in the world of the Internet, ranks different sites according to its criteria. Alexa rank is actually an estimate of the success and popularity of the site among Internet users. Reduce the Alexa of your site as a guarantee and keep it fixed on the number you want by paying a monthly fee.


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